Oakwood Arts is a nonprofit in Richmond, VA that brings the arts to the community with hopes to aspire to a career in the arts . I designed their promotional material (both print and digital) for their annual appeal and various events. I coined the phrase "Be a Spark of Hope, Invest in a Dream, for a Pathway, to a Future" to sum up the organization's mission and vision, which became the theme for the giving campaign. Here is a link to the Instagram post.

New Years Card.

I was inspired by other nonprofits that serve through education and community engagement. While looking at visuals for appeals, I paid attention to the use of bold text with contrasting color.

Concept for a newsletter and social media strategy to announce the appeal.

Design iterations for Facebook headers.

Flyers I designed.

I was honored to be a part of Oakwood Arts and its mission. I was featured on their website for their internship program.